Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Homemade Rose milk syrup

I drink lassi almost every day. Yes I am addicted. Some days, I skip dinner and just stick with lassi. I never knew one thing called Rose lassi exist until one day, felt bored and tried adding the rose milk syrup with curd. It was great. From then, no plain lassi J.  That time I made it with store bought syrup.

This time I wanted make my own instant rose milk syrup. I dint make it from scratch. For this we need to buy the rose essence.

First let’s see the ingredients for the Rose milk syrup.

Recipe source : Raks Kitchen.


·         Sugar – 1 cup

·         Water – ¾ cup

·         Rose essence – 1 tbsp

I have used the essence which already has pink food color in it. If you are buying essence without food color, you may have to buy the food color separately and add while making syrup.


Heat a thick bottomed pan in medium flame, add sugar and water. Stir it till the sugar dissolves completely.

No need for stirring after sugar is dissolved. Once it is dissolved, let it boil and check for single string consistency.  To check the consistency, take a drop of syrup and check it between your pointing finger and thumb. It should form like a string. It will take about 4- 5 mins to reach this consistency. Switch off the stove.

Add the rose essence. Mix well.

Let it cool down.

Transfer it to a container and refrigerate.

While making Lassi, Add a tbsp of this rose milk syrup to thick curd, mix well. Add ice cubes and serve.

Same process to be followed for rose milk.

Note : Alter the quantity of the essence based on the taste. 

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