Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Kavuni Arisi - Chettinad Special

50 th post. Hurrah.....Very very happy that I could spend time on my passion with all ur encouragements and my family support.

With my previous episodes (Pongal, Arch) you would have known how much I enjoyed my trip in Chettinad. If I don’t write an episode on the food, it is a total injustice done to the whole world. Yes, Chettinad cuisine is world popular. Most of the hotels have an array of Chettinad menu. But I doubt they are authentic as we get in the real Chettinad.

I actually thought of showcasing some of the food shots from Chettinad from my trip. But if I also include an authentic Chettinad recipe along with the pictures, that would be nice, isn’t it?

I noted few more recipes from the Chettinad chef at that house. Will try them and post for sure later.

Chettinad cuisine is basically very rich. They include lot of nuts in the food. Cashews, ground nuts etc. There is no 'Less oil' recipe applicable in this cuisine. :)

Kavuni arisi, a yummy sweet was served on the pongal day during breakfast. Everyone enjoyed it there and went for a second serve. That time itself I had blocked in my mind to post it here.

·         Black rice – 1 cup
·         Water – 3 cups
·         Sugar – ½ cup
·         Grater coconut – 2-3 tbsp
·         Ghee – 2 tbsp
·         Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp


Wash and soak the black rice at least for 5 hrs. I soaked it overnight. The water will turn black. Discard the water.
Grate the coconut and keep it aside.

Cook the rice with pressure cooker for 30 mins in medium flame. 1:3 ratio of water.

Once the pressure is released, open it while it is still hot and drain the excess water.

Mash the rice with a ladle.

Add sugar, ghee, cardamom powder and mix well.

Serve it hot.

Note :
The main ingredient here is black rice, that’s the specialty. You should not replace this with any other variety here is my opinion. It is very glutinous in nature and healthy too. It costs more than the normal rice. ½ kg itself around Rs.90. You get the black rice in many super markets.

More shots from the trip.

(Don't tell anyone, its fish ;) )

Mutton Cola

Exotic menu getting ready


More Kozhambu Work in progress

Always hungry.. Home food at home :)

This is Milagu kozhambu to die for.. it thick and hot. 

This was for dinner.. variety wow. 

Next day pongal special break fast.

This wont fit in my kitchen cabinet

Kavuni Arisi Mass production

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