Monday, 12 January 2015

Panam Kalkandu Pongal

I frequently make Sakkarai pongal at home with millets and Jagery. For a change I tried this kalkandu pongal. I wouldn’t say this kalkandhu pongal can match the taste of our usual sakkarai pongal, but just for a change you can try it.

Kalkandu pongal is made with Rock candy. I also wanted to try with palm sugar. It was just the same taste, except little brownish in color. Both has similar method


·         Raw rice – 1 cup
·         Sugar candy / Palm rock candy – ¾ cup ( This sweetness was ok for me, you can alter the sugar according to ur taste)
·         Milk – 2.5 cups
·         Water – 1 cup
·         Ghee – ½ cup (If you don’t put enough ghee, it would taste like a milk rice)
·         Dry fruits and nuts – 3 tbsp


Wash and soak the rice for 10 mins. Soaking helps to cook the rice well. I forgot it though. You please don’t forget.
Powder the kalkandu and panam kalkandu into smooth powder separately and keep aside.

We follow the same method for both kalkandu pongal and panam kalkandu pongal.
Add water and milk to the rice and pressure cook for 5 whistles. After 5 whistles keep in low flame for 10 mins and switch off the stove. Usual rice water ratio is 1:2. We have added more since we need more smooth version, not separate as separate grains. 
Once cooked, mash the rice well with the back of the ladle.
Heat a kadai, add a table spoon of ghee and roast the dry fruits and nuts and keep them aside.

Add the rest of the ghee and cooked rice and kalkandu powder / Panam Kalkandu powder and mix it well.

Cook it well for 5 mins until they are nicely combined. Add the fried dry fruits and nuts finally and serve hot.
Note: If you can use a non stick pan, its well and good. I dont have one.. sigh


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