Thursday, 26 February 2015

Absolute Barbeque - Restaurant Review

Absolute Barbeque, T- Nagar, Chennai

Visit Date : 18-02-2015

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Chennai food guide showcase happened in Absolute barbeque for the Mexican Food festival.

First time to AB, with lot of expectations. I would say my expectations were almost met. Because vegetarians have always problems with these barbeque places as only NV people have more option than us. But I would say they have tried to justify at most for vegetarians too.

But when you go with a NV group, you may definitely feel that they have more varieties for Non Vegetarians.

Added to my first time experience, there was a Mexican food festival going on there. The ambiance is good, all waiters wearing cow boy dress and big hats and we enjoyed a flash mob too. The entire crowd enjoyed the ‘Mukkala Mukkabula’ Performance so much.  I wouldn't say the food was all Mexican too, but here and there .. yes.

I would definitely say a few words about the service.. My god.. they pamper you so much. Whatever customization you say.. they bring according to your taste. Very friends waiters. They are the main reason for AB's success

Ambiance : 4/5
Service     : 5/5
Taste        : 4/5
Value for Money : 4/5
Will i go back ? : Yes, Yes, Yes.

And now let the pics speak..

Stuffed Mushrooms.. Awsm

I never knew pineapple was so beautiful.

This crispy corn amazing..

These tiny scooped watermelons, with a right amount of spice coated.. Its spicy hot outside, juicy and sweet inside... my god.. this is the best. I ate about 30 pieces of it.

Wish grill is one such master mind of AB. They do have different options for Veg lovers. Some of the specials were Bamboo, green and black olives, jalapenos. You choose the toppings they mix it with rice or noodles with the sauces that you mention. This is such amazing. 

Since it is a mexican theme.. they did have Quesadillas 

I asked for a spicy version.. they specially made a version too.

Churros was perfect. Crisp out soft inside.. along with chocolate sauce. Loved it.

The Dance..

Coming to Dessert option..

What i like about AB's dessert is.. variety. I tasted every item. I like how they serve it in right portions, so its not at all messy and no wastage too.

Pan ice cream is the highlight.

They actually soften the ice cream in a cold stone and mix it with the flavor of your choice. I had Pan ice cream. Delicious. 

I will come back AB.. 

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