Monday, 9 February 2015

Carrot Soup

I had severe cold this week. Badly needed some warm soup. I prefer tomato soup, my daughter loves carrot. So mixed both and it works pretty well and gives nice color too.


        Carrot – 1 big size
        Tomato – 2 medium size
        1 Onion (medium size)
        Garlic pearls - 4
        Water as much as needed
        Salt and pepper for taste


Chop the carrot into circles. chop the onion and tomato into cubes roughly.

Pressure cook sliced tomato, carrots, onion and garlic with enough water to immerse for 3 whistles.

Allow it to cool.
Drain the mixture, don’t discard the water. Keep it aside.

Grind cooked tomato, carrot, onion, and garlic well. 
Add the water which was used for cooking it and more water as required.
Cook it till the soup boils well.

Add salt and pepper as much as needed.
No fancy stuff.. your soup is ready. Serve hot.

PS : Sorry for pathetic pics. I prefer pics only in day light. But i made this soup for dinner. So i had to take pics with artificial light. I am not making any justice to this beautiful soup.
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