Monday, 16 February 2015

Sabudana khichdi / Jevvarisi Upma

This khichidi / Upma is usually had during the fasting days.

I was introduced to this dish in childhood by my athai patti (My father’s aunt). She lived it north for some years, so learnt it from there. I dedicate this post to her.

After many years when I tried after marriage, it was super flop. It turned into a sticky gum. Then I found what the issue was luckily through sharmis passions. When we soak the sago, it should not have excess water, it should be just in level of sago, not above that.  

Recipe adopted from Veg recipes of India.

·         Sabudana / Jevvarisi / Tapioca pearls– 1 cup
·         Potato – Medium sized – 1 (cooked and roughly chopped)
·         Peanuts – 3 tbsp (Roasted and crushed coarsely)
·         Jeera – 1 tsp
·         Green chillies – 1 (chopped)
·         Ghee – 1 tbsp
·         Salt to taste
·         Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp (Chopped)

If not for fasting, you can replace ghee by oil and add onions too.

Soak Sabudana overnight. (Atleast for 6 hours). It should be nylon variety, not the white mavu variety.

Cook the potatoes and remove the skin and roughly chop them.
Dry roast peanuts and crush it coarsely.

Drain the excess water if any from the Sabudana. There should not be any excess water, as we had soaked only with right quantity of water.
In a thick bottom pan add ghee and once heated, add the jeera and allow it to splutter. Add the chopped green chilies and fry for less than a minute.
Add the Potatoes and fry it golden and crisp.

Add the Sabudana and cook it till it is translucent in medium heat with constant stirring.
If it’s very dry, sprinkle little water and gently stir.

Add the roasted peanuts and required salt. The roasted peanuts will already have salt, so add salt carefully.

Finally add coriander leaves.
Serve hot.

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