Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sweet corn salad

I buy sweet corn very often, for my daughter’s snacks box. She just likes it steamed with some pepper and salt. To me it is kind of boring to eat the same thing for months now.  So am trying to make some additions.
·         Sweet corn – 1 cup kernels steamed
·         Bell peppers – ½ cup finely chopped
·         Tomato – 1 finely chopped
·         Cucumber – 1 finely chopped
·         Lemon juice – 2 tbsp
·         Gooseberry  - 1
·         Pomegranate pearls – 2 tbsp
·         Salt and pepper to taste
There is no step by step recipe picture for this. It’s fairly simple.
Just boil the sweet corn. Finely chop fresh veggies. Add salt and pepper. Squeeze lime and server. I grated a Gooseberry to make it a healthier version.

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