Friday, 26 September 2014

Meesa Podi / Roasted Bengal gram powder


Peak Navarathri season. When everyone is posting left and right the sundal receipes, I wanted to share something which is forgotten over the period of time.  Meesa podi.  Meesa means mustache. This powder, when u eat from your hand, will stick on ur upper lip and luk like mustache. Hence it gets the name.
Meesa podi is usually made during navarathri when some last evening guests arrive when sundal is over. Or if you forget to soak for sundal. Believe me, Kids will love this.
In kalayamputhur, my husband’s native, it is called as ‘Nenjadachan podi’. Because when u eat more, you will choke.
Meesa podi is as simple that it has only 2 ingrediants. 
Ingrediants :
·         Roasted Bengal gram  - ½ cup
·         Sugar – 1.5 tbsp sugar
Method :
Finely Powder roasted Bengal gram and 1 tbsp of sugar in a dry mixer. Add ½ tbsp. sugar after grinding as it will give good texture and taste.
Put them in small packets and give to guests with vethala pakku.

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