Friday, 22 August 2014

Madras Day - Filter Coffee

Madras Day - 22nd August
               I love Madras (Now chennai) more than any other place in the world. Initially i had so much hatred towards this city before marriage. But when i had no other chance other than coming here, i started loving it every bit. Each one coming and settling here will have the same feeling as mine.Even now i don’t have any clue about the directions and places after 8 long years, but with all sweet people around, you will never get lost.

Marina and bessy are our lovers.
The huzzles and buzzles in tnagar is our music :)
Bargaining in pondy bazaar is a skill;
Saravana Bhavan masal dosai and coffee is our Kick;
Ratna café sambar is we die for;
Alza mall Cheese sandwich makes us fat;
Beach side road makes us jog;
Here respect is  'Give and Take policy'. More you give more you take.
Love u Madras from bottom of my heart. 
On this special day i would like to share the recipe for Filter Coffee (Madras Filter Kaapi)
 How to buy Coffee powder :
Best option is to buy freshly ground coffee powder.  That is one of Madras specialty. You get nice and freshly ground coffee powder in all most every place in Madras.
While you buy make sure they don’t grind it to fine powder. Ask for little coarse powder. If you buy 1/2 kg, then ask them to mix 50 grams of chicory. Chicory makes the coffee strong.
Ingredients :
Makes 3 cups of coffee
·         Fresh ground Coffee powder - 3 tbsp
·         Milk     - 2 Cups
·         Water  - 1.5 Cup
·         Sugar - 3 tsp (according to your taste)
Coffee decoction:
                  Heat the coffee filter slightly in the stove to remove the moisture so that coffee powder does not stick in the filter. Now put 3 tbsp coffee powder in the filter. Boil the water till it bubbles up nicely. Pour the half quantity of water gently in the filter and close the lid.  Now we get the thick decoction. Now pour the rest of the water again in the filter. This will be in the correct consistency. This strongness of the decoction varies on the powder, so you can adjust the water accordingly. You will get the trick with few days of practice.
Method :
Makes 1 cup. Mix 1/5 cup of decoction with  4/5 cup of Milk and 1 tsp Sugar. Proportion is purely to individuals taste.  Some like it strong, some like it lite.
Enjoy it hot with vada / Bujji.
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