Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

In childhood, I always thought how real strawberries would taste like. We had strawberry milk shakes, strawberry flavored chewing gums and other stuff. But I never tasted the real fruit in childhood. Definitely had a fantasy for that fruit. When I got married and came to Chennai, once I saw a box of strawberries and immediately grabbed it. Came home smelt it and tasted it. My long time wish was fulfilled. But then I dint want to finish it the same day and kept it in fridge. They were so sensitive and dint stay even for a day or 2.  So I stopped buying those pricy ones thereafter.

Recently we went to Kandalur, a town near Munnar. There I happened to taste the fresh strawberries. Not the one refrigerated and packed in fruit shops. They were fresh ones. The beauty is we can pluck it with our hands, wipe the dust it our dress and have it right there. 
They are soft, sweet and juicy. I ate as much as I can.
I bought and brought home also. I knew how sensitive they were. So I immediately planned to make something out of it. Why Fro-yo, because it is less in calories. Guilt free.  Also sourness of the curd will increase the taste of the strawberry.
Yes finally the recipe..
1.       Hung Curd – 1 cup
2.       Strawberry Puree – 1/2 cup
3.       Sugar ( Optional )
Chop the strawberries and add the sugar as per your preference (I am a sugar free girl) and freeze the mixture.
For hung curd, hang the curd in muslin cloth for 2 hrs to drain the water completely.
Now blend the hung curd and strawberries into smooth paste. Keep some pieces for garnish or eat while you are bored while blending. You will fall in love with the pink color of the blending. Store it in air tight container. Freeze the mixture for 2 hrs. Again blend the mixture and freeze it overnight. Do you ask, why we blend again ? This is for getting a smoothier consistency. With all your patience, keep it in room temperature for a while before you serve it otherwise it will be like a hard rock.
Tips :
·         You can alter the ratio of hung curd and strawberry based on your taste.
·         If you are really lazy like me, you freeze it 2 hrs and eat it right away.
·        If you are really crazy puree the strawberries (boil sugar and finely chopped strawberries and blend) and pour it on the top of the fro-yo while serving.
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