Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Delhi highway - Restaurant review

This weekend i was too tired to prepare food, after all krishnajayathi preparations. So we thought we will treat ourself with a good veg buffet. I happend to read review of this delhi highway in chennai Food guide. So this was the only restaraunt in mind. Cheked with venk too, he said lets try. I called the resto and asked them the cost for buffet, they said 599 + tax. It was a thali. I thought ok and asked them to reserve a seat for us. The buffet starts by 12. but by the time we reached there it was 1.
There was a confusion, there are 2 branches one in egmore another one in Nunngambakkam. Morning i had called egmore  :(. So it was difficult to find the location, since they said land mark as ccd. But there are 2 ccd in KNK road. Some how managed to find the location.

The Deco was decent. Service was quick, We were immediately seated. Server provided the menu card. There came the shock. There is no buffet / Thali on weekends.. What ?!!!. Yes. May be egmore would have the option. I thought of finding some other places.. Since i has dreamt of buffet / Thali. Venk convinced to have it there itself. But i felt it was Expensive. I feel the cost is too high. Then i convinced myself and made my mind to enjoy the food.

For starter we ordered Tandoori Assorted vegebles. It was too good.The paneer is very Soft.  This is the softest paneer i ever had. Its even better than Pind in velachery. It had Panner, musrooms, bell peppers, onion and tomatto.

Then chenna batura. (Rs. 200) This was not like usual big poori. They give 2 small pooris. The chole accopanishment was richy rich.
They do have chaats. Which is pricy IMO. They serve Pani poori in a stylish way. But only 5 small pooris. I dint click the picture of that.
For Main course i ordered Hydrabadi Briyani, tandoori Rotis and Paneer Delhi Style. Quantity is good enough. Taste was yumm. Briyani rice was really a looong grain.
Drinks Menu was good. We had Delhi Lassi. It was more like hung set curd. Also we ordered Thadai, which was every watery, more like MTR badam milk.

The total bill was 1440 + tax = Rs. 1691 for 2 adults and a kid

My Rating :

Ambience   : 4/5
Service       : 4/5
Taste          : 3.5 /5
Cost           : Expensive

Whether i will visit again ? Yes.. to taste the thali. Wish me luck.

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