Monday, 22 September 2014

Rosemilk Popsicle

Vacation started for my daughter. The fridge door will be opened and closed 1000 times a day from today. Though there will be nothing inside, my daughter keeps opening it and closing it to see if there is something to eat. Now and then she will ask ‘Amma .. give me something sweet’. Recent craze is rose milk from the time I bought the essence. From morning till night!!. Her mother is no exception.
I poured some rose milk in Popsicle tray and treated Lakshmi and her friends to celebrate the vacation.


·         Milk

·         Rose milk essence

Method :

Mix the boiled and cold milk with rose milk essence.  Use more essence as you will freeze it.  Pour the rose milk in Popsicle tray and freeze it overnight.


My rose milk essence had sugar in it. If yours don’t have, please add sugar to the rose milk.
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