Monday, 30 November 2015

Coconut Cashew Burfi

This is coconut burfi with a twist. We had so much leftover candied cashews from mundiri paruppu thenga koodu. So made use of it while making burfi.
I like my burfi mildly sweet and little chewy. I don’t like hard brick ones.
This was made by Mami. She is our house burfi specialist.
While it was badly raining in Chennai, I stayed in my mama’s house for couple of weeks. She made this for me to pack it home. But it was finished before that. That’s a different story.
We used candied cashews which already had sugar, so I am giving below measurement for normal fried cashews.
  • Grated coconut – 2 units
  • Powdered cashews – 1 unit
  • Sugar – 2.5 units ( Can be  increased or decreased based on ur taste buds)
  • Water – 2 tbsp
  • Ghee – 3 tbsp + 1 tsp

Grate fresh coconut. After grating, grind it again in mixer to get a better texture.

In a thick bottom pan, add a tbsp of ghee and fry the cashews golden brown. Once cooled,  make it into coarse powder with help of mixer.

Grease a tray with a tsp of ghee
In the same kadai, add the grated coconut, powdered cashews, sugar and water.

Mix well, and keep stirring in medium flame. Mixture becomes watery once the sugar is melted.

Add 2 tbsp of ghee in few minutes.
The mixture starts bubbling, so be careful while stirring.

Keep stirring until the mixture in the side of the pan gets thickens. For testing whether it is done, take a drop of the mixture and put it in a plate. It becomes thick. Then the burfi is ready.

Carefully pour it in the greased tray and shake the tray to spread it uniformly.

After 10 mins, run a greased knife and make it into square pieces. You can also dip the knife in water.

Now our delicious burfi is ready.

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