Saturday, 16 August 2014

Kai Murukku

Kai Murukku is always my favourite, close to heart. This the only toughest recipe i ever tried. I usually dont get into tough things. Simple is my choice. Kai murukku is exceptional. You know why?
Yes my appa was doing this as part time business when i was in school / collage. I use to get pocket money when i suthify murukku. So i enjoyed even though it is complicated. Those days we and all our neighbouring mamis (they are more like our family) gather every day at my house for murukku suthing. We sold it in whole sale to Perur Temple. We also sold it in retail and took orders for functions. The aroma of the murrukku will fill the whole street.

My patty / grand ma.. was best in murukku suthing. Her spirals are like an art. I remember her every year when i make this for krishna jayanthi

Ingrediants :

Makes about 60 small murukku

Rice - 2 kg
Urad dal - 1/4 kg
Asoefida (bar) - finger size piece (soak in water for 3 hrs)
Salt - 1/4 cup (Mix in 1/2 litre of water)
Butter - 1/4 kg
Jeera - 50 grms
Coconut Oil to deep fry - 1 litre

Rice flour preparation :

Rinse the rice well and soak it for 1.5 hrs

Drain the water and dry it in veshty cloth, till it looses the moisture. (Half an hour)

I gave to the machine guy for powdering.

Now we have to sift well to remove any impurities and to filter a finer powder

Urad dal powder preparation :
Fry the urad dal in Dry pan till it is slightly brown
Powder it and sift it to get a finer powder.


We should not mix all the ingrediants at once, mavu will become dry. So we have to mix in small portions and repeat the process again.
The propotion is as follows

2 cups of rice flour
1 table spoon of urad dal
2 tbsp of aseofida water
1.5 tbsp butter
1 tsp Jeera
3 tbsp Salt water. (Salt water can be added per taste)

Mix all these ingrediants, add water little by little and make it in chapathi dough consitancy. (not very soft though). You can add little oil also while kneeding.

For beginners you have take the half of the quanity of ingrediants and kneed the dough, as the mavu will become dry soon.

Now make the spirals in the veshti cloth and allow it to dry not more than half hour.

Now deep fry the murukku in the hot oil. Cook it well in medium heat. It takes a while for frying. Turn the sides often without breaking. Fry till it turns into golden color.

Once it is fried, oil will calm not boiling high as shown in the second picture.

Cool completely and store the murukku in a air tight container to remain crisp.

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