Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jowar Roti / Chola Mavu Roti

I try to add millets in my daily food. I usually replace rice with millets. I mix millet flour with dosa / idli batter and use.  So this time included with wheat flour and made roti. Its not as soft as Normal wheat roti, but a healthy alternate.
Jowar is very recommended food for diabetic patients. Rich in fibre and protein. 

·         Jowar Flour / Chola mavu / sorghum flour – 1 cup
·         Wheat flour – ½ cup
·         Salt as needed
·         Water as much as needed
·         Oil – 1 tbsp


Add Jowar flour, wheat flour, salt in a wide bowl

Add hot water little by little and knead into soft dough.
Add oil and knead well again.

Cover it and let it rest for about half and hour.
Make it into small equal size balls and spread with help of rolling pin. The dough breaks easily, so roll it gently. Roll it by dusting it with dry wheat flour so that it doesn't stick in the rolling pin. I have heard that they don’t even use rolling pin for this, they use hands to spread it. But I haven't tried.

Heat a pan, cook the roti both the sides. I heated the roti a little till the moisure is gone and cooked in direct flame, that makes the work little easier.


It becomes very dry when not hot.

You can add some spices as well while kneading the dough, it improves the taste.

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