Friday, 10 April 2015

Cucumber Butter Milk

Summer is super-hot these days.  During week days I don’t even realize since I will be in office enjoying the AC all the time. Weekends are tiring. So to cool down myself I make a big jar of butter milk and keep it in dining table to quench my thirst.

For a change I added ground cucumber to the butter milk to enjoy a cooler version.

·         Cucumber - 1 medium size
·         Butter milk – 4 cups
·         Water to dilute
·         Salt to taste
·         Chaat masala – 1 pinch.


Slice the cucumber and make it a smooth paste.

Mix the paste with butter milk, dilute with water.

Add salt and chaat masala, mix well.

Chill it and serve.


I made shrikhand on the same day, so I used the whey from shrikhand for diluting the butter milk. Do not waste the whey water, its highly nutritious.  

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