Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Banana Choco Pops

This is an easy to make and a healthy snack. Kids will love it.

Ingredients :

  • Banana - 3
  • Chocolate / Nutella for dipping
  • Nuts for decoration
  • Tooth picks - 12
Method :

Cut each banana into 4 pieces, as shown in the pic.
Insert tooth pick in each piece (idhukku per than vazha pazhathula oosi etharathu)

Freeze it for 1/2 an hour

Melt the chocolate / Nutella in Oven or in stove using double boiler method. (Heat water in a pan and keep the chocolate in another vessel and keep in the boiling water, because you should not melt chocolate in direct heat)
Dip this pops in the melted chocolate, and put some nuts over it and freeze again for an hour.

While freezing leave some space each one, also place it on a butter paper to avoid sticking in plate.

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