Monday, 9 October 2017


Day 3
Haridwar + Rishikesh + Mussorie

If you had missed the haridwar post.. Click here

Our plan was to take a dip in Ganga in the private ghat behind our hotel, then head to Rishikesh which is just 20 kms from Haridwar. Venk and Lakshmi went to the bank, I had some packing work in the room, so I planned to join then later. When I came out of room, there were lots of monkeys. I was too scared to proceed, there was a lady from Kolkata, with whom I got acquaintance the previous day, She said .. just day Jai shree ram and walk without any fear, so that those monkeys wont disturb us. When I was almost nearing the bank, it almost came to attack me, I shooed it and it went. Then it went to that lady and she couldn’t manage it, it pulled her saree and tore it. Then the hotel boy came with a big stick and shooed them off. It was such a scary scene. Now I have super monkey phobia. She warned me about the Laxman Jhoola in Rishikesh which too has very very mischievous monkeys like this. So I made my mind that I will not take risk and end up with rabies. She was the only person in the trip I could talk in English to. Rest all broken hindi and sign language only.

All the shock flew away once I got into the water. It is such a holy feeling about Ganges. It is no doubt it is such sacred. Ganga mata ki jai.
We settled the bill and started off to Rishikesh. The road was not so great. We reached there by 40 mins. We parked the car and there was a guide who charged 100 Rs, said he will show around Rishikesh. Since we dint have any much knowledge of the place, we agreed.
It is such a lively place.. One side dancing Ganga and other side majestic shivalik range and such a great feeling to watch this scene. We look teeny tiny in front of that huge river and big mountains. Ganga is so wider here compared to Haridwar. Heard it is much wider in Varanasi. Next on my wish list.
Things to do :
  • River rafting  ( open from Mid of Sep – Apr)
  • Ram Jula – Hanging bridge
  • Laxman Jula – Hanging bridge
  • Paramananth Temple.
  • Gita Bhavan
  • Shopping rudraksh, Spadikam
  • Yoga training.
We started our plan with a hearty breakfast.  Choti wala restaurant overseeing Ganges.  Good food with a great view.  From here we did some whatsup video call with my appa, inlaws, and showed them the place. They felt as if they were with us in the trip.

After breakfast, we took a boat ride to the other side of river. Boat ride is Rs. 15 per person. When we were in boat, about 5-10 sadhus just jumped inside the boat, including a foreign sadhu. So much of rishikeshi feeling already.

After going to the bank, we were taken to few temples by the guide. Then we walked thru the Ram jula a hanging bridge and came back to our side. This bridge was built by British with no pillar support, just a huge hanging bridge. We can feel the vibration while walking. There were absolutely no monkeys in this area. So I was feeling much better.

When came back to the parking and planned to go to Laxman Jula which is 2 km away to Ram jula. After parking, walked for a while and reached near the bridge and saw those big big monkeys, I decided to call off the plan. So we just headed a cafĂ© nearby and the enjoyed the laksman jula  and paramanth temple view from there. When I watching the bridge, one lady with so much fun took pics of monkey, just when she turned the other side, the monkey pulled her hair violently.  I felt blessed that I dint attempt to cross that bridge.

We walked back and had a lemon masala soda and sat a bench to watch the Ganga bank scenes. I wanted to take pics of sadhus but was little afraid what they would say. So clicked him from a distance.

We dint plan river rafting, as it takes atleast 2 hrs and we dint want to wet the clothes again. So we headed to Mussorie. It is about 80 kms from Rishikesh.

To be continued..  Mussorie.
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