Monday, 13 October 2014

From Delhi Highway to Delhi

Before visiting the original Delhi, I had been to ‘Delhi highway’ in khader nawaz khan road, Chennai and recorded my reviews Here. Was awaiting for a real Delhi experience. And here it is. 

First ever trip to Delhi. For Manali trip (Day1, Day2), we had flight till Delhi, from there we took a Volvo. We had only few hours to enjoy in Delhi, that too its lunch time. So I planned ahead where to have my food. It was my relative Ram, who stays in Delhi directed me this place. He said ‘ Coimbatorekarikku thingaradhudhan kuri’. This hotel is in Connaught Place (CP). This is quite popular hotel in Delhi I guess, because after boarding the taxi from airport, when I told the taxi wala, he knew this one already. Cool so need not break my head in finding the place thru GPS and wasting roaming data. While going in taxi I saw our own Saravana bavan hotel flooded with people. See.. wherever it is people get bored of their own cuisine easily and wander for new taste. North Indians hunting Saravana bavan, South indian hunting Punjabi dhabas.

The hotel was just on the main road, so parking should be difficult I guess. Once we reached there, we saw people waiting there already. Sigh. Waiting while you are hungry is .. omg.. so difficult.. That too with so much luggage. My husband gave me a look. (You are crazy Look ). We had given the name in the waiting list. He did not understand my name at all. I spelled it. Is Ranjani very different in North ? While we waited outside, we were noticing the list is very quicky moving. (Feeling lucky).  Another scene from outside is below.
 They have a glass door outside from where you can see all the curries simmered in big big vessels. The smell is so awesome. You will feel hungrier at this point. I know they cant pronounce my name, so I waited next to him and raised my hand when my number came. We went in and shocked to see the ambience. Narrow tables. There is very little gap between your table and the next. No privacy, not even space to keep the luggage, another heated look from my hubby dear. Off late I am quite used to these reactions and learnt how not to reflect back the reaction.
Inside view of the curries below.

We ordered food immediately. Tandoor Butter Rotis, Mint Kulcha, Paneer butter Masala, Dal Makhni, Food arrived in 5-10 minutes piping hot. Since the curries were simmering for long time, it is super thick and rich and scrumptious. Paneer is extremely soft and bigger pieces. Everything is buttery.  We ordered more rotis and Palak Paneer. That came super rich and greeny. I was too happy and gratified. I thanked Ram for choosing me a good hotel.


Price was reasonable. For all these items we paid around Rs.500. For the rocket cost of living in Delhi this was reasonable.

There is no chaat items, no deserts here, not even lassi. Coke/ pepsi kind of aritificial drinks only available.

Having considered their ambience, no deserts, and one low maintained wash basin, what makes people wait for the food so long is their quality of food. It is absolutely tasty. Added to that, it’s reasonable price.

So it is a great lesson for entrepreneurs who want to leap into food business. Concentrate on the food rather than spending too much in ambience and hiking prices.

Ambience : Who cares ? 2/5
Service : 4/5
Taste : 5 /5
Cost : Value For money

Note1 : Next to the Hotel there is an ice cream parlor, whoever like me who can’t complete a meal in a hotel without a dessert can head straight into this place and have enough of ice creams and kulfis.
Note2 : There is no exitement about photography here. With so much luggage and narrow pathway and crossing weighters every minute, i used my handy digi cam to take the pictures. Hope you guys understand my peelings :)
Note3 : They serve both Veg and Non Veg.
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