Saturday, 11 October 2014

Oats Fruit & Nut Ladoo

After the vacation to Manali, I was too occupied with back to back washing clothes,  picture processing,  travelogue (Manali Day1Manali Day2) and other minor things. So I apologize for the delay in posting recipes. I did try couple of things, but it dint come up to my satisfaction, so dint post here.
I happened to see a oats ladoo recipe here,  it was very simple, so I thought I would give it a try. But i made some changes to the recipe as per my taste.
Preparation Time : 10 mins approx
Cooking  time : 10 mins approx
·         Oats -  ½ cup
·         Corn Flakes – ¼ cup (I used strawberry flavored)
·         Dry fruits  + nuts  - ¼ cup (I used raisins, figs, dates, cashews, almonds, pistachios )
·         Jaggery  - 2 tbsp (Paagu vellam)
·         Water
Method :
Chop the dry fruits and nuts coarsely.
 Dry roast oats in pan for couple of minutes stirring constantly. Powder the oats using dry mixer. I made it fine powder, you can powder it coarsely too.  (While I was doing this, suddenly I saw half of my chopped nuts were missing, and then realized my daughter is the culprit. So take good care of ur chopped nuts)

Crush the corn flakes with hands and combine oats, corn flakes,  dry fruits and nuts in a bowl. Keep it aside.
Mash the jaggery with the hand, add it in a pan.  Add water such that the jaggery immerse completely in the water.  Keep the stove in the medium heat. Wait till jaggery completely dissolves in water. Transfter it to another vessel. Drain with the filter to remove impurities in the jaggery. Now heat the jaggery water mixture again till the mixture bubbles up like below picture.

Add the jaggery syrup in the oats mixture bowl, mix with the ladle well. Make it to medium sized balls when it is warm enough to hold.
With the quantity above I could make about 7 medium sized ladoos.
·         I used strawberry flavored corn flakes since my daughter like that flavor, you can make it with plain corn flakes too. If plain, jus add ½ tsp of vanilla essence, as oats and corn flakes by itself don’t have any flavor.
·         The proposition of dry fruits and nuts can be altered as per your taste.
·         Choice of dry fruits and nuts can also be altered. 

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