Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bovonto Ice cream soda

Recently when I was planning to go for lunch out, I came across this resto called ‘Maplai’ in Chennai. I read thru the menu online to check if it’s of my type. I came across this Bovonto Ice cream Soda. I couldn’t wait to try that at home. It’s a very simple recipe and something different to serve guests.

Bovonto is a soft drink popular in South India, especially Tamil Nadu with a select fan following.
It is manufactured and marketed by Kali Mark (Kalis Sparkling Water (P) Ltd.), which has offices and bottling plants at several locations in Tamil Nadu. At present it has put up a distribution point at Chennai.

The drink is mildly carbonated and has a tangy grape-cola taste.


·         Bovonto – 2 cup
·         Vanilla ice cream – 2 scoops.


In a blender, combine bovonto and a scoop vanilla ice cream, and blend for few seconds. Ice cream soda is ready.

Transfer it to a serving glass and garnish with a scoop of ice cream.


·         You can experiment it with Fanta, coke too. Its yumm.

·         You can change the ratio of the bovonto and ice cream based on ur taste.

·         It is a calorie bomb. So think and drink.

PS: Pics are not making much justise.. made it in the evening so could not take pics in natural light. :(

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