Thursday, 18 June 2015


I planned to make something sweet as well as healthy for my daughter’s snacks box. On Fridays she is allowed to take sweets or cakes.  Roasted gram laddu strike my mind. It’s called maaladu. Its mix of roasted gram powder, powdered sugar and ghee.
But I planned to replace sugar with jaggery so, googled for the laddu recipe with jaggery and bumped into Thambittu recipe here. It’s Karnataka’s authentic recipe. This has not only roasted gram, it has other ingredients which enhances the flavors. So tried this. In just 15 mins, the laddu is ready.
Here is the recipe for Thambittu, roasted gram jaggery ladoo :)

·         Roasted gram  / Pottu kadalai – 1
·         Grated coconut – ¼ cups 
·         Sesame seeds – ½ tbsp  (Original Recipe calls for 1 tbsp, but the flavor is so dominating, so I reduced the quantity)
·         White poppy seeds  - 1 tbsp (khus khus)
·         Cardamom powder –1/4  tsp
·         Ghee -  ½ cup
·         Jaggery – ½ cup

First we need to dry roast few ingredients separately.
Dry roast roasted gram for couple of minutes. Let it cool. Then grind it into fine powder.
Dry roast, grated coconut till it is little brown.
Dry roast sesame seeds till it splutter
Roast the poppy seeds too.

Heat the ghee in a thick kadai. Once heated, add the jaggery.

Once the jaggery is melted, switch off the stove. No need to wait for any syrup consistency.

Add the raosted ingredients and cardamom powder immediately and mix well.  
It will little semi solid. Once its warm enough, make into ladoos.

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