Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mango Cheese Cake

I find layered desserts very attractive. Well… Who don’t?

In this Mango season, I am trying many deserts with Mango, apart from eating the fruit as such.
This is one easy and attractive dessert to impress ur kids and family.

Its a No Bake Cheese cake
The usual cheese cake uses cream cheese for a layer, i have used hung curd instead of cream cheese.

I tried to follow the low calorie version of the cheese cake and skipped fresh cream.. so it’s a cheat cake. If you prefer, you can add some fresh cream as well.

I followed the recipe from Sharmis passion..

We will have 3 layers.

·         Bottom – Biscuit layer

·         Between –Hung curd layer

·         Top is the Mango Pulp layer

To set the layers, we will be using agar agar. Here is a pic of agar agar. 

4 medium servings.

Ingredients :

·         Disgestive buiscuits – 8
·         Melted Butter – 4 tbsp
·         Mango Pulp – 2 cups
·         Hung curd – 1 cup
·         Fresh cream – ¼ cup (I skipped it)
·         Agar Agar / China Grass – 1 tbsp. Its difficult to measure. Take about few strands.
·         Water – 1/4 cup
·         Sugar – as per ur taste


Hang the curd at least for 30 mins in a muslin cloth (I used Veshti cloth) for all the whey water to release out. Use the fresh curd, it should not be sour at all.

No we will fix up the biscuit layer.Powder the digestive biscuits, add the melted butter. Divide into 4 portions and fill the serving cups and press them firmly. Refrigerate at least for 15 mins for the layer to set well.

Remove the skin from the mangoes, cut and puree the mangoes using a mixer. Keep it aside.

Heat a pan, add ¼ cup of water and agar agar. Let it boil and agar agar should melt completely.

Add the melted agar agar water and Sugar to the mango puree and mix well.

Take about one cup of puree and reserve for the top layer.

With the rest of the puree add the hung curd and fresh cream. Mix well. Check for sugar and add if required.

Now take the serving cups from the refrigerator and fill it ¾ in all the cups above the biscuit layer. Refrigerate for about 3 hrs. Check if the layer is set well. If not keep for some more time. Else the top layer will get mixed up with the middle layer.

Once the middle layer is set, fill in the top layer with the mango pulp which we already reserved for the top layer.

Refrigerate again for an hour and serve chilled.

I added few drops of rose milk essence on the top for a extra twist and color. That is purely optional.

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