Monday, 29 December 2014

Adai Kunukku

Adai Kunukkku is a famous tea time snack in Tambrahm houses.
Adai Kunukku is one of the comfort snack item, I love to munch nonstop. This triggers my childhood memories so much. Whenever adai mavu is left over or more fermented, my mom use to make this as a Sunday snack. Not much preparation needed. Just chop onions, add to the batter, deep fry. This is crispier than the usual masala vadai and since it is a fermented batter it has little tanginess.

How to prepare adai batter – Recipe here.
·         Adai Batter – 2 cups
·         Onion – 1 - Medium Sized
·         Oil to deep fry 

The adai batter should be thick, not too watery. My Adai batter was not thick. So I added rice flour and ragi flour. Same way if your batter is not thick, you can add any millet flours, rice flour to make the batter thick. I added little chili powder as well since I added other flours to match the spice. 
Heat the oil in a kadai, take the batter in ur hand, drop the batter as small small balls in the oil.
Flip the sides to cook evenly. Cook till it gets a reddish color. Take out from the oil and drain the excess oil using tissue paper.
Serve hot with Tea or Coffee

This is a versatile recipe. You can add any chopped veggies, greens as you like it. I added some sweet corn kernels.
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