Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bombay Badam Milk Stall - Trichy

This is best ever spot i know for the Lassi and Badam milk. I visit this place whenever I travel to palani  on road.

This lassi shop is in Trichy, near main bus stand. It’s a corner shop, very easy to find out.

You get Hot / Cold badam milk, Cold Lassi / Normal lassi throughout the day. It is open till 11 pm at night I suppose.

Cannot describe in words. Let the pictures speak.

The above pic taken from internet. I misplaced this stall pic somewhere. Below are my clicks. Its difficult to take picture.. because we will be too tempted to drink it. After drinking it you will be too full to click pics.

The fun part or yum part is the malai which he makes float above our badam milk glass

Please forget the calories and just enjoy with warm drink which will purify your soul.

Don’t forget the cold lassi too. Since the climate was too cold, we orderd only one lassi.

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