Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cheese Murukku Sandwich

From the time I tasted the Murukku sandwich in Sowcarpet  food walk..  I badly wanted to try it at home.  Its quite simple to make it at home. But still sowcarpet version cannot be matched.

Below ingredients give 4 portions.


·         Small size murukku –8 pieces
·         Onion – 1 (small size)
·         Tomato – 1 (Small size)
·         Cucumber – 1/2 (Small size)
·         Greenchutney – 1 tbsp
·         Chaat masala – a lil to sprinkle on the top
·         Cheese – 1 cube (I used small Amul processed cheese cube)
·         Sev to garlish


Cut the onion, tomato and cucumber into thin circles.

Place the murukku pieces as a row in a plate with not much space between each other. (Or you can arrange as a square too)

Spread the green chutney on the murukku generously. I forgot this for first batch, so the below picture is from second batch i prepared. So its lil messy.

Place the onion, tomato and cucumber on the murukku.

Spinkle some chaat masala on top.

Grate the cheese generously. First batch was like this. Second batch i grated more cheese. ;).

Finish building the tower by place another murukku on top of the cheese.

Decorate with Sev and serve.

While eating, carefully pull a tower without disturbing the other and load in ur mouth without breaking the setup.

This is a different party snack to surprise ur guests. You can even arrange setup in advance, it won’t become soggy ver y easily.

Note: I used store bought murukku in this. You can make them at home too. Make sure the murukku is not very hard.  

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