Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kesar Badam Kulfi

We are experiencing a peak summer already in Chennai and not sure how worse it will be during May.
Summer Holidays for my daughter, so I stock some popsicles in the freezer so that she relishes them in the boring afternoon watching Ninja Hatori. Ding Ding.

This is a 2 in 1 recipe. You can use the recipe for both Basundi and Kulfi
·         Milk – 1.5 liters
·        Condensed Milk –I used half tin of 200 ml - amul mithai mate, I dint measure it accurately. You can add as much as thickness you would need.
·        Kesar / Saffron strands – 10
·        Badam Milk Mix – 2 tbsp (Optional). This badam milk mix was lying unused in my fridge near the expiry, so used to improve the thickness.
·        Nuts  - a fistful  - Roughly chopped - (Pistachios,  Cashews, Almonds)


Take a thick bottom, nonstick pan and boil the milk. Take 2 tbsp of milk in small cup and soak the saffron strands.

Let the milk Boil well, for about 30 mins changing the flame between medium and low, low and medium with occasional stirring.
Add the condensed milk and keep boiling and stirring till the milk reduce to the half the volume. It takes about 1.5 hours.

I used toned milk, you may get the result in 1 hr if you use full cream milk.

The longer we boil, the creamier the result will be.
Now add the Badam Milk mix, this is the short cut for getting a thicker consistency.  You can skip this step if you don’t have the stock or you can also add milk powder.

Add the nuts

Add the Kesar milk along with kesar we soaked and stir for about 5 mins and switch off the stove and take enough rest.

Let it cool completely.
You can either serve it as Basundi by chilling it. Or deep freeze in molds and serve as Kulfis.

I prepared this in the evening and I was tired, so excuse the poor quality Basundi picture.


- There is no need for sugar as condensed milk has sugar content already.

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