Monday, 9 March 2015

Paan Shot and Paan Ice cream

Last weekend I and my hubby roamed around in sowcarpet happily. I literally ate and ate whatever I saw. This is the best street food place in Chennai.
More about the food walk will come in next post.
As a finishing touch, we bought some Sweet beedas / Meetha Paan.  I bought few parcel too. The best pan beeda you will get in Chennai is here.
When I opened the parcel at home, it was bit of soggy, so I made paan shots and ice creams and refrigerated.
Paan shot:
Paan shots are paan flavored milk shake. These should be served as shots, unlike milkshakes in tall glasses. These are strong too. You can also add some booze to this and make it a Paan cocktail. Mine is a non-alcoholic version.

Try these paan shots after a heavy meal. When you invite guests for lunch, add these Paan shots or ice cream in the menu as a finishing touch.
I used a shortcut of making Paan shot by using sweet beeda. I will also try to make it from scratch and post some time in future.
·         Meetha Paan – 1
·         Vanilla Ice cream – 2 scoops
·         Milk 1 cup
·         Ice cubes – 4-5
Grind the meetha paan with the help of a mixer. Or chopping is also fine. If you want a smooth version, grind well and drain the pulp. 

Add the ground Paan, ice cream, milk, ice cubes in a blender. Blend well and Serve chilled in shot glasses.

Paan Ice cream:
·         Meetha Paan – 1
·         Vanilla Ice cream – 4 scoops
Grind the meetha paan with the help of a mixer. Add ice cream and blend in a blender and freeze it for few hours. Server it immediately after taking from freezer.

If the Meetha paan is very strong, you can adjust the quantity of the ice cream according to your taste.

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