Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sowcarpet Food walk

Sowcarpet is a mini North India in Chennai. It’s the busiest place in Chennai. And very famous for street food too.
I will share my street food walk experience with u all.
Before getting into the food.. here are some tips

·         Sundays most of the shops are closed. Only few eateries are open on Sunday evenings. But you can see a calm sowcarpet only on Sunday evenings.

·         If you are planning to go by bus, get down in paris corner and take a walk from there. If going  by train, get down in central and take an auto.

·         Never imagine the car parking in that place, that too on weekdays.. Bus or train would be the easiest option. If u still wanna go by car, then Saturday is the best option. You can park the car near high court and walk from there.

·         Don’t get over fascinated and eat everything from single stall. You have lot of places to try. Keep some place in stomach to try various things.

·         This place is also the best for buying  dry fruits, nuts, chocolates and baking goods.

Coming back to the main topic,
Sowcarpet has variety of sandwich shops, Juice shops, North Indian Chaats, Sweets, everything. Everything is fresh, tasty and cheap.
Cheese Murukku Sandwich. Veggies sandwiched between 2 small murukkus and loaded with  grated cheese and sev. Eating this need to have lil practise. There will be 9 small portions. You have to carefully take out a portion without collapsing the setup and put it in ur mouth. The crunchiness of murukku, the spicy chutney, juicy veggies, salty cheese will take you to another world. I cant wait to try this at home. Next weekend for sure.

Vada Pav. I felt the Pav size should be bigger. Taste was ok. But I still vote the ones which we get in Mumbai.

Everything was so spicy in this shop, so went for a fresh sugar cane juice in the next shop. He adds lil jaljeera powder to that juice, that gives a nice kick. 10 bucks. Pocket friendly.  Happy Happy.

Next is Jilebi. Freshly made and hot hot jilebis. Indian sweets tastes best when hot. Jilebi should be had hot. Because it will be still crisp and the jeera will ooze out while you eat. That’s how you should eat it. I like that guy's mustache, he is cute ;). 

Seena bai Tiffin centre. Amidst of the North indian food, this is such a crowded south Indian tiffin centre Its famous for its ghee podi oothappam and mini idlis. Taste is yumm.

I wanted to have lassi. Then we searched for a Bombay lassi man. A tall guy selling taller glasses of Kesar Lassi. Don’t get over enthusiastic and get a full glass. You cannot finish it. The tall glass will easily hold 500 ml lassi. So go for half cup. That’s 75 bucks. That itself was tooooo filling for me. But still i vote for the bombay lassi shop in trichy. Thats the best i ever had.

For a finishing touch, bought some sweet beedas. I bought few parcel too. The best pan beeda you will get in Chennai is here.

When I opened the parcel at home, it was bit of soggy, so I made paan shots and ice creams and refrigerated.

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