Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Khakhra Pizza

Thin crust pizzas are my fav. But I don’t get ‘thin crust’ readymade base in stores here. Making crust at home is long time pending task for me. So thought of a short cut. Khakhra is definitely a healthy whole wheat thinnest crust. So added some toppings as per my taste.. added some cheese. Here my awesome healthy pizza is ready.

Below ingredients makes 7 pizzas approximately.


·         Khakhra – Mine is store bought. You can make at home too.
·         Onion – 2 (Big size) – Finely chopped
·         Tomato – 2 (Biz Size) – Finely chopped
·         Sweet corn – cooked corn kernels from 1 big corn cob
·         Green chilies – 2 – finely chopped
·         Coriander – a fistful – finely chopped
·         Cheese slices -  7  (U can use pizza cheese. I had only cheese slices, also I feel really lazy to grate cheese.)
·         Salt, Pepper, Italian seasoning as per taste


Finely chop the onion, tomato, chilies, coriander.
Steam the corn cob in pressure cooker and remove the kernels.

Mix all the chopped veggies and corn kernels in a bowl.
Add salt, pepper and seasoning.

Take a Khakhra,  spread these veggies in the top. Roughly tear the cheese slices and put it above the veggies.

Microwave the Khakhra for a minute. You can add some more seasoning on the top and serve.


·         Do it in batches according to your oven size. Do not place it one above the other during microwave.

·         You can change the veggies according to your choice.

·         I am a lazy bug, so used the cheese slices. Please use mozzarella for better result.

·         I dint use the pizza sauce here since the khakra is very thin, and it becomes soggy

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